The Institute for Learning & Behavioral Sciences, LLC, work with children, adolescents, adults & families. We specialize in providing comprehensive learning, educational & psychological services.

Our behavioral services include consultation, psychological assessment & treatment for a wide range of psychological disorders. Learning services include learning, educational & developmental evaluations, brain training & academic/educational tutoring services, career counseling, study skills training for high school & college, class room behavioral management, among others.

Because no psychological or educational service can be delivered without a healthy working relationship, great care is taken to understand our clients aspirations, unique needs, experience & cultural background, while collaboratively working on goals, which empower individuals to effect positive change in their lives.

Our mission is based on the principles of passion & commitment. Our commitment to those we work with is to deliver high quality psychological & learning services. We base this on the application of scientific knowledge about learning, education & academic settings; human behavior, psychological disorders, & psychotherapy. Our second guiding principal is based in a passion to help those we work with each client and encourage them to reach their academic & educational aspirations. We strive to make them achieve a better understanding & the nature of their challenges. Finally, we encourage them to take effective actions to solve & to improve their health, well-being & overall quality of life.

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Dr. Clint C. Stankiewicz, PSY.D has been recognized
as one of the top Clinton, NJ. Psychology practices.

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